Mission Great India

About Us

We sincerely take this opportunity to speak to you, even if it is through cold print but whatever the medium communicating with you is something, we value the most. We are launching a new concept namely “MISSION GREAT INDIA” with the object of making every Indian family a prosperous and happy family. It gives us immense pleasure to welcome all of you to “MISSION GREAT INDIA” family.

Traditionally you are purchasing your necessary products from the market and you pay for the same. In this system normally either the company which manufactures the product or the traders from whom you are purchasing is earning but as a customer you are always been loser. But now our company is coming with a new concept in which money spent by a customer will be converted into saving and will be refunded to him or his family. So customer will get up to 100% money back of purchases made by him. Moreover his family will be protected by free life insurance cover as well as he will get pension in old age.

This is a mission not a business and therefore we request you to understand the concept and if it is good adopt it and educate your friends & relatives about the same.

Vision Statement

"Provide complete financial security to each and every family of our nation"

Mission Statement

To create and establish a viable mechanism through a business model but with the spirit of trusteeship in its true sense to achieve the stated vision of 'Mission Great India'. It will be our endeavor to give back to the family that joins the MGI concept and becomes its customer, to return the money one spends to buy various products and services during certain age of their life, in full or part back to themor their family in the event of death or as 'old age security (pension)’cover from 61 years of age and years after year, till he/she lives or his/her spouse in case of his/her death. Also, to make available an easy option to access loan of some amount without need to provide any security or guarantee.