Mission Great India

Terms and conditions of Customer Service Centre

  1. He/She has to register with our company and pay one time registration charges Rs. 500/-
  2. He/She has to pay Rs. 500/- listing charges on our website www.mgicard .com
  3. He/She must have computer or laptop with internet connection.
  4. He/She has to provide different services to MGI customers.
  5. For registration log on www.mgicard.in

Sources of income:

  1. Service charges on registration of customers at present it is Rs.10/- per customer which will be revised in future.
  2. Service charges for delivery of different products and services which will be minimum Rs. 5/- per delivery. It may go up to Rs. 20/- depends on the products and services.
  3. Service charges for providing services to customers for booking of orders for different products and services like booking bus tickets, placing order for any products, collecting renewal of insurance premium etc.
  4. Customer Service Centre can also sale any product and service to our customers as a vendor.
  5. Expected income may be zero to 25,000/- per month depend on your efficiency.

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