Mission Great India

Terms and conditions for vendors to affiliate with our company:

  1. Vendor has to register online on www.mgicard.in
  2. Vendor has to pay one time registration charges Rs.500/-plus GST and annual listing charges Rs.500/- Plus GST
  3. If vendor wants to give full page advertisement on our site www.mgicard.in than he has to pay Rs.5,000/-plus GST towards cost of advertisement charges for one page annually.
  4. Vendor has to deposit minimum Rs.2,000/- towards advance commission on sale of products and services by him to MGI customers. Company will deduct the commission plus GST on sales to our customers.
  5. Vendor has to send the SMS to customers for the amount of credit eligible under MGI concept through MGI APP provided by the company.
  6. Our company will be responsible to refund the money to customer subject to terms and conditions of the MGI concept. Vendor does not have any liability towards the same.
  7. Vendor has to sale products and services to our customers at same price at which he is selling to other customers; vendor cannot charge different rates to our customer and other customers. If our company receive any complaint from the customers for any rate difference than company will terminate the affiliation with immediate effect and refund the balance amount of deposit lying with our company towards advance commission.
  8. Affiliated vendors will be given an agency code of the company to enroll the customers and the vendor will get commission @of 0.2% of E.V. value on purchases of products and services by the customers enrolled by him. This agency commission will be payable to vendor till his affiliation continue with our company, if affiliation discontinue with our company for any reason payment of commission will be discontinue from the date of termination of affiliation.
  9. Vendor will be allowed to use our company’s logo and Value back offer at their establishment online or offline.
  10. Company will provide MGI APP to vendor from which vendor can give credit to customer immediately at the time of sale of products and services.
  11. All disputes will be subject to Ahmedabad jurisdiction.

Benefits to affiliate/vendors:

  1. Will increase the sale between 30% to 100% within one year.
  2. Will save under this concept his/her personal expenses.
  3. Will get agency commission @ 0.2% of E.V. on products and services purchased by the customers registered by him.
  4. Will get benefits to promote his/her business at concessional rate of advertisement in print/ electronic media.

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